Burial Checklist

Check List for Stearns-Wagner Creek Cemetery Burials


  • Be sure the cemetery has a photocopy of the original purchase certificate for the burial plot/s.  If not, get a copy to us at your earliest convenience


    • Decide who has the right to be interred in each plot and provide the cemetery board with a written letter. This is best done in advance and if changes are made, notify the board in writing. If no written record is found then written documentation of linage will be required if the owner is deceased.


    • Identify who will be opening and closing the grave site. For casket burials the board can give a referral for someone to dig the grave. For a cremation, the family can choose a family member or friend to dig the grave.


    • At the time of death, contact the cemetery Sexton at least 72 hours before the burial.


  • The cemetery Sexton will:

      • Confirm plot location
      • Mark the plot for digging
      • Set burial date
      • Determine interment right by confirming documentation


      • At the time of burial the Sexton or board member will meet family members at the cemetery and will:
        • Examine grave opening for correct size and depth (casket or ashes)
        • Check state tag number to see that it matches and record all required information on W.C.A.’s document
        • Assist family in compliance with cemetery and state burial requirements


      • At the time of placing the grave marker, contact the cemetery board to determine proper placement.


      • Consult the rules page for more information regarding all rules of the cemetery.