Minutes & Reports

Wagner Creek Cemetery Association

Annual Membership Meeting Minutes

May 19th, 2018


Meeting called to order by Jerry Reichstein at 12:40 PM


Board Members and Directors present:  Jerry Reichstein, Lunette Fleming, Sabrina Carey, Jan Reichstein, Cindy Buckalew, Marianne Gerst and Heidi Carson


Association Members Present: Doreen Feeler, Victoria Elliot, Tom & Pat Sciutto, Richard Lorton, Barbara Derise, Ed & Carol Leslie,  Twila Grasmich, Heidi Carson, Duke Carson, Stormi, Kent, Shayla and Kallen Peterson, Kelsey Waggoner, Ciara Atchley, Dawn Atchley, Brenden Wion, Toni DeVenney, Randal Seymour, Justin, Elizabeth & Emilia Fleming, Lunette Fleming, Bud & MaryLouise Gleim, Kathleen Farley, Cindy Buckalew, Marianne Gerst, Patrick & Tracey Reichstein, Jon & Sabrina Carey, and Jan & Jerry Reichstein.


Bud Gleim led the ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ to our Flag




Reading of last year’s meeting minutes- Jan has copies if anyone wants to read them. Accepted first by Sabrina Carey, seconded by Patrick Reichstein.  Voted on and accepted unanimously.


Reading of the Treasurer’s Report for this year: Accepted as read first by Marianne Gerst, seconded by Carol Leslie. Voted on and accepted unanimously.




Vote on Officers:


President – 2 year position:  Jerry Reichstein was re-elected as President –‘till 2020


Secretary – 2 year position: Jan Reichstein was re-elected as Secretary —‘till 2020


Vice President – 2 year position: Lunette Fleming put a motion to nominate Patrick Reichstein as Vice

President, seconded by MaryLouise Gleim. It was accepted by all unanimously. —‘till 2020


A motion was made to accept re-election of Jerry Reichstein President and Jan Reichstein Secretary

by Sabrina Carey and seconded by Kathleen Farley and unanimously accepted by all



Acknowledgements:  Ashland Sanitary for free use of dumpster thanks to MaryLouise Gleim for contacting them.


Please note our monthly Saturday Clean-Up crew, Bruce Dwight, Marianne Gerst, Duke Carson,

and I (Jerry Reichstein). They have not logged many hours this past year. But have done some

clean up more during the week. We need people to step up and help their cemetery or it will

continue to be overgrown.


Doreen Feeler put in a motion to have Eden Landscape contracted weed eat the cemetery 4 times

a year and more if needed to be determined by the board for $200.00 per visit. The motion was

seconded by Heidi Carson and approved unanimously by all.


A thank you to Lunette Fleming who helped with burials this past year when Bud and Jerry were

not able to do them.



We need HELP from the younger generation.. We have 2 passing’s of a board member Julie Byrd last year and

Carl Shauger of the Maintenance crew this week.  Prayers for the families.







Sale of Plots: We have 0 plots and 5 people on our current list requesting 12 plots so if anyone has plots

to sell back to us it will be appreciated.  We had reclaimed some abandoned plots and sold those to

people on the waiting list for the price of $50. Any plots sold back to the association are sold back at

the price they were bought for. If they were purchased for $10 then we buy them back for $10 but they

can then be sold at the current price. We have located some plots that we can take back but we have to

see if we can contact the owners.  If we cannot locate the owners we will go thru the process to take them

back as abandoned plots. When we do we resell them for $50.00 a plot which has been our price for

many years now. We did get a call when I (Jerry) was in the hospital in Portland from a family who

ranted for about 2 minutes on our phone message that we were taking back the plots and reselling

them for $20,000. Jan called them back to assure them that that was not the case and we resell them for

$50.00 a plot.


Grant: We received the grant to put block numbers in the center of each block in the

Cemetery, corner markers in the North (Lower) section of the cemetery and also pay for a map of the

Upper (South) and Lower (North) plots of the cemetery to be installed. We have most of the process

completed except for the corner markers in the North (Lower) section which we got an extension

to finish in June


We now have updated all the interred in the upper and lower sections of the cemetery on our website.

Please go into it www.stearnscemetery.org and check for any discrepancies.


Please No Pressure Washing of the stones.



Meeting adjourned at 1:10 p.m.


Signature   ____Original signed and filed ______

Janet Reichstein, Secretary