1. IMG_1673 Cochran PlotNo glass containers or decorative glass items may be used in the cemetery.  Such items will be removed and discarded without notification by anyone authorized to do so by The Board.  No glass is to be discarded in barrels, only in 5 gallon buckets.
  2. No monument, sign or decorative items may be established on cemetery property that may interfere with or hamper the regular maintenance of cemetery property.  The Board has the authority to settle any disputes over such objects and The Board‘s decision is final.
  3. Artificial flowers will be removed when they become dilapidated or unattractive and can be discarded at the discretion of any person authorized to conduct maintenance of the cemetery.
  4. No headstone, marker or memory stones may be placed on cemetery property without approval of the location, dimensions and style of the marker by the Sexton or his/her agent.
  5. Only human remains or cremains may be buried in the cemetery.  The Board of Directors may require disinterment of any remains or cremains buried without authorization from the Sexton and The Board.  The person or persons conducting such burial shall pay all costs of such disinterment.
  6. No remains or cremains may be buried in the cemetery without confirmation of interment rights and approval of the location and dimensions of the burial opening by the Sexton or his/her agent. The Board will not referee disputes over burial rights at Stearns’ Cemetery.  All such disputes will be settled to the satisfaction of The Board prior to interment of any deceased whose burial rights are in dispute.
  7. No more than one casket may be buried in a standard 4ft X 9ft burial plot. Casket Burial to be a minimum 4’-4 ½’ deep and Cremation site 20” – 24 “depth on top of container.
    1. When one casket is already buried, a maximum of 2 sets of ashes may be buried in the same plot, above the casket.
    2. No more than 3 sets of ashes may be buried in a standard 4ft X 9ft burial plot, and only when no casket has already been buried.
  8. The mortuary and/or family of deceased MUST contact cemetery representative before scheduling time of burial.
  9. The Board has the right to determine which burial plots may or may not be sold.

Vandals will be prosecuted

Check List for Stearns-Wagner Creek Cemetery Burials

Be sure the cemetery has a photocopy of the original purchase certificate for the burial plot/s.  If not, get a copy to us at your earliest convenience

  • Decide who has the right to be interred in each plot and provide the cemetery board with a written letter. This is best done in advance and if changes are made, notify the board in writing. If no written record is found then written documentation of linage will be required if the owner is deceased.
  • Identify who will be opening and closing the grave site. For casket burials the board can give a referral for someone to dig the grave. For a cremation, the family can choose a family member or friend to dig the grave.
  • At the time of death, contact the cemetery board.

The cemetery board will:

  • Confirm plot location
  • Mark the plot for digging
  • Set burial date
  • Determine interment right by confirming documentation

At the time of burial, the cemetery board will meet family members at the cemetery and will:

  • Examine grave opening for correct size and depth (casket or ashes)
  • Check state tag number to see that it matches and record all required information on W.C.A.’s document
  • Assist family in compliance with cemetery and state burial requirements
  • At the time of placing the grave marker, contact the cemetery board to determine proper placement.